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Health and Recovery

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We've got you covered

Learn how to alleviate financial burden with voluntary insurance

Preparation can help prevent health decisions based on finances Read more >

Making recovery realistic

Accident insurance can help keep your finances safe when you can’t work Read more >

Here’s looking at you, kid

With so many options, find the vision plan that is right for your employees. Read more >

Real Life, Real Tips

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When it’s time to select their health insurance options, most Americans do a thorough job of researching the types and amounts of benefits that best meet their unique needs, right? Wrong. Nearly half of U.S. workers (47 percent) devote less than 30 minutes to the once-per-year task of understanding and … Read more >

Honesty is the best policy, right? Well, almost always. It might be wise to hold back about a co-worker’s questionable new haircut or your best friend’s weight gain. Most of the time, though, it’s advisable to be candid – especially with ourselves. After all, the concept of honesty is drummed … Read more >

A leaky roof, an emergency car repair, an unexpected illness … all can be disastrous when the bank account is empty. A recent survey from Bankrate found that this situation is all too common for many Americans – in fact, 26 percent have no emergency savings at all.   … Read more >