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Health and Recovery

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When ‘the other guy’ turns out to be you

When ‘the other guy’ turns out to be you Read more >

Learn how to alleviate financial burden with voluntary insurance

Preparation can help prevent health decisions based on finances Read more >

Making recovery realistic

Accident insurance can help keep your finances safe when you can’t work Read more >

Real Life, Real Tips

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When budgets are tight, many Americans reduce their expenses by eliminating items they want but don’t necessarily need. Unfortunately, some people make the mistake of placing voluntary insurance in the latter category. That’s because it’s an intangible – something that can’t be held or seen, unlike food, warm clothing or … Read more >

A recent New York Times article reveals that workers who sign up for high-deductible health care plans aren’t happy when it comes time to pay those high deductibles.   According to the Times’ report on the Urban Institute’s Health Reform Monitoring survey, a majority of participants with employer-based coverage … Read more >

Survival and self-image: October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month Read more >