Matthew Owenby has 15 years of experience in the financial services/HR industry and is Aflac’s Vice President of Human Resources. He is responsible for the strategy and implementation of all human resources related services to Aflac’s most valuable resource, its employees. Prior to Aflac he held critical HR roles at Bank of America and General Electric.

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November is Diabetes Awareness Month

November 2014

Dr. Elliott P. Joslin, one of the first physicians specializing in diabetes treatment, once described the condition as the best of the chronic diseases because it is “clean, seldom unsightly, not contagious, often painless and susceptible to treatment.” Of course, just because diabetes can be treated does not mean it … Read more >

Good benefits = good business

November 2014

Employers often fret about losing top job candidates to rival companies – or, even worse, learning that existing workers are flying the coop in search of better opportunities. At a time when companies are strapped and tightening the purse strings when it comes to raises and bonuses, many are finding … Read more >

Diabetes: What workers should know and employers should tell them

October 2014

What are you having for dinner tonight? For most of Americans, deciding what to eat is no big deal. But for the nearly 26 million adults and children with diabetes, choosing a meal is a serious matter. Still, despite the fact that they must make smart choices about sugar, carbohydrates, sodium … Read more >

3 easy ways to find money for voluntary insurance

October 2014

When budgets are tight, many Americans reduce their expenses by eliminating items they want but don’t necessarily need. Unfortunately, some people make the mistake of placing voluntary insurance in the latter category. That’s because it’s an intangible – something that can’t be held or seen, unlike food, warm clothing or … Read more >

Go for the gold (or silver, bronze or platinum)

October 2014

Gold, silver and bronze are familiar when it comes to the Olympic Games. But did you know that when you’re talking health insurance, gold, silver and bronze take on different meanings? Beginning this year, health plans for individuals and small groups are required to offer health insurance that meets certain … Read more >