Matthew Owenby joined Aflac in early 2012 as vice president of HR Business Partners, bringing with him more than a decade of HR experience at Bank of America and General Electric. In his role, he instituted the business partner model at Aflac and led HR strategic planning to help the business meet its goals. He took a lead role during the organizational transformation process, helping Aflac build teams with the skills and tools needed to take on the challenges ahead. He most recently served as vice president of Human Resources. He assumed his current position in May 2015 where he leads the effort to apply Aflac’s global initiatives while providing strategic direction for both the Human Resources and Leadership, Learning & Development teams.

Matthew earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Georgia State University and a Master of Business Administration from Mercer University. He’s a member of the Society of Human Resource Management.

Posts by Matthew Owenby

Rock some heavy metal: Bring home the bronze, silver, gold or platinum

January 2015

Americans love a competition, whether it’s the Olympics or the cooking contests at the state fair. Whether we’re talking medals or blue ribbons, level-appropriate awards are something all of us understand. Perhaps that’s why the government ranked health care options in a familiar way – from bronze to platinum – … Read more >

Translation, please: Consumers remain baffled by health care insurance

January 2015

America’s workers are getting the hang of new health care laws and feel increasingly confident about their coverage choices, right? Wrong. According to a recent Kaiser Foundation Survey, consumer confusion about changes to the U.S. health care system remains, in a word, “alarming.” For example, many employees can’t calculate … Read more >

Channeling Santa Claus, Casey Kasem and Mr. Blackwell: Making a list and checking it twice

January 2015

What do Santa Claus, Casey Kasem and Mr. Blackwell have in common? Lists, of course. Santa keeps a record of toys to be loaded onto his sleigh, Kasem was famous for counting down the top sellers in music and Blackwell kept his eye on the world’s best-dressed celebrities. Making a … Read more >

All facts, no frills: A quick look at health care reform

December 2014

Reams of material have been written about health care reform, but sometimes all you want is a few fast facts. With that in mind, here are some easy-to-digest tidbits gleaned from Aflac’s 2014 WorkForces Report:   Health care reform is confusing for many business decision-makers. Just four in 10 … Read more >

Help protect workers – and your business – from Old Man Winter

December 2014

Winter has arrived in all of its blustery fury and as the song goes, “The weather outside is frightful!” The snow and ice may be beautiful to look at, but cold weather can bring chills and fevers that up absenteeism and reduce productivity – especially at small businesses, where there … Read more >