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Get wise to what your workers already know

August 2014

When it comes to voluntary insurance, odds are your employees have already wised up. The 2014 Aflac WorkForces Report shows that not only are they interested in the financial protection it helps provide, but they believe voluntary coverage is an integral part of a comprehensive benefits plan.   If … Read more >

Cause and effect: The impact of voluntary insurance on workers’ satisfaction

August 2014

A child studies and gets an “A” on a test, a teenager fills his gas tank and doesn’t end up stranded alongside the road, you work all year and earn a paid vacation – all are examples of cause and effect. Here’s another example: Simply providing workers with access to … Read more >

The great workplace divide

August 2014

Workers at small companies are conflicted: On the one hand, they’re happier in their jobs than their counterparts at medium and large businesses; on the other hand, they’re not as jazzed about their benefits.1 Small companies are in a “good news – bad news” situation. How can they bridge the … Read more >

Benefits: The honey in the workplace hive

August 2014

You may recall the old saying that goes something like this: “You can attract more flies with honey than with vinegar.” Well, consider benefits the honey in your workplace hive because research shows that strong benefits are the key to attracting – and keeping – top talent. Just as honey … Read more >

How to “flip” your benefits plan

July 2014

What do house flippers and U.S. companies have in common? Read More >