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Five key benefits-delivery options every employer should know

September 2014

Several years ago a fast food restaurant was known for its “Have it Your Way” advertising campaign. But did you know that “have it your way” can also apply to the delivery of health insurance benefits?   With the health insurance landscape shifting, now is a great time for employers … Read more >

Debt collectors are on the hunt for 35 percent of Americans

September 2014

Remember Wimpy from the “Popeye” cartoons? The portly gentleman who gladly offered to pay on Tuesday for a hamburger today? Well, if Wimpy truly paid on Tuesday, he’d be doing better than many of us. USA Today recently reported that 35 percent of Americans have debt that’s so past … Read more >

Better together: The truth about insurance policy riders

September 2014

Some things just go together. What’s peanut butter without jelly, peaches without cream, Hall without Oates? Sometimes two is better than one. Think apple pie and ice cream, burgers and fries and – yes – insurance policies and riders.  A rider is an add-on to a basic insurance policy and … Read more >

Private exchanges are an online bazaar for savvy shoppers

September 2014

Health care insurance has changed and so has the way Americans shop for coverage. Exchanges are the insurance version of; they’re Internet-based bazaars where people and businesses can shop for, compare and buy health care coverage.   Just as consumers use to analyze products and pricing, private exchanges … Read more >

Survey reveals that 43 percent of millennials aren’t reading their benefits handbooks

September 2014

Open enrollment is just around the corner. Your employees will be poised, informed and eager to make smart benefits choices, right?   Unfortunately, probably not. Getting workers to study up on their benefits is a tough row to hoe. In fact, a recent survey revealed that 43 percent of … Read more >

It’s “talking season.” Make sure workers hear your benefits message

September 2014

The weeks before a new sports season kicks off are known as the “talking season.” Employers have a talking season too: the weeks before benefits enrollment. And that season is now.   You may be thinking you don’t have the time to develop benefits communications for your employees. After all, … Read more >