Accidents happen: Expect the unexpected

March 2014

When it comes to accidents, American workers have a sense of invincibility. But accidents happen all the time, and no one can predict when or whom they’ll strike.

Whether it’s the NASCAR driver who broke his foot playing Frisbee or the pitcher who missed a game because he strained his wrist playing Guitar Hero, anyone is at risk for accidents.

Unfortunately, accidents are just as financially disabling as physically disabling. Currently, 65 percent of people who apply for government benefits are turned down.1 Luckily, employers can help protect their workers’ financial security by offering group or individual disability insurance and it doesn’t have to cost their companies a dime.

Employers protecting their employees’ financial health are also protecting their business interests by earning the trust of their workers. The 2013 Aflac WorkForces Report2 found strong benefit plans increase company loyalty, productivity and job satisfaction.

Disability insurance is beneficial to both workers and their employers. Without regular paychecks, many employees would find it difficult – even impossible – to pay everyday bills such as rent, tuition, or even the cost of food.

And for employers, disability insurances helps ensure an employee can focus on getting well, rather than rushing back to work prematurely due to financial binds.

To learn more about voluntary disability insurance coverage and how it protects companies and their workers, go to Aflac’s short term disability insurance policy for your employees.

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1 Facts from LIMRA, 2013 Disability Insurance Awareness Month, accessed Aug. 6, 2013
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