How to “flip” your benefits plan

July 2014

If you’ve ever watched a home-improvement show, you know the goal of house flippers is making low-cost improvements that increase the value of a property. Results from the fourth annual Aflac WorkForces Report show employers can take a page from the realty industry: Companies gain value simply by making voluntary insurance benefits available to employees, and they experience even greater benefits when their employees are enrolled in the products.

As health care costs continue to rise, voluntary insurance consistently proves to be an invaluable part of a comprehensive employee-benefits program. Among the Aflac report’s key findings is that increasing health care costs contribute to the growing demand for voluntary insurance.

Employees value and are interested in voluntary insurance benefits options. In fact, 63 percent see a growing need for voluntary insurance benefits today compared to previous years. Employees attribute the increased need for voluntary insurance today to several specific challenges, with the most common related to the cost of health care. Seventy-six percent of employees named rising medical costs as the reason they see an increasing need for these insurance offerings.

What else did the report reveal about the growing value of voluntary insurance? Keep reading to find out.

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