Learn how to build a firm benefits foundation

January 2014

While some companies are taking a “wait and see” attitude as health care reform goes into full swing mode in 2014, there are several important, and tangible steps your business can take to lay a firm foundation for the new era of health care in 2015.

Get ahead of the curve by owning these three HR benefits decisions:

1. Choose a benefits strategy – not just a benefits package

Though penalties may not yet be a reality, now is the time to begin planning ahead and making benefits decisions to set a firm foundation for 2015.

As you research your options, keep in mind that it’s not simply a benefits package you should be after. Since health care costs continue to rise at rates faster than inflation and wages, it’s key for businesses to look beyond a specific benefits plan and look to experts to help build a benefits strategy that will carry their company into the future.

2. Prepare employees for what’s ahead

Though your company cannot protect employees from all of the changes coming their way, you can help prepare workers by providing them with the right information and resources to make the best decisions possible.

Prepare workers by clearly communicating your company’s benefits options, explaining how they can apply for adequate coverage and gain access to resources that will help them make informed health care decisions.

3. Embrace workplace wellness and prevention

Companies that offer wellness programs not only give their employees the opportunity to take advantage of healthier lifestyles, they also help build the value of their total rewards package and help lower their long-term benefits costs by encouraging employees not to skimp on regular preventive care.

Though companies have sought wellness programs and preventive care for years, in 2014 companies have the option to offer employees attractive incentives to get involved with those programs and kick poor health habits for good.

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