Not offering voluntary insurance to employees?

January 2014

5 reasons why you should reconsider

New Year’s resolutions: Many make them, and most people end up breaking them.

A recent survey revealed that just 8 percent of us actually make good on our New Year’s resolutions.1

Given that so many resolutions crash and burn, it’s safe to say that quite a few may be overly ambitious.

As you might expect after the gluttony of the holiday season, most New Year’s resolutions center on getting and staying fit.

Close behind though are resolutions focused on financial responsibility – specifically on spending less and saving more.

Money matters

Changes to the U.S. health-care system have turned workers’ attention to their personal health-care spending.

Not only do they want to know where their insurance dollars are going, but they’re also taking a close look at their existing coverage to identify gaps that might leave them vulnerable to medical expenses they’re ill-equipped to pay.

5 simple reasons to consider voluntary insurance

One solution employees are open to is voluntary insurance. In fact, 60 percent say they would be interested in applying for voluntary benefits if they were offered by their employers.2

With that in mind, here are five practical reasons employers and brokers should ensure workers have access to voluntary insurance policies:

  1. Because they provide employees with financial safety nets that help keep their minds on their jobs and not on money concerns.
  2. Because they can be offered at little or no cost to employers.
  3. Because they pay cash benefits workers can use to help pay unexpected health-care costs that aren’t covered by major medical insurance.
  4. Because they pay benefits regardless of any other insurance coverage employees have in place, including policies available through state health-care exchanges.
  5. Because employees who are offered and enrolled in voluntary insurance plans feel more empowered at work, report increased job satisfaction and believe they’re more financially prepared to cope with unexpected medical expenses.2

As an employer or broker looking for ways to start 2014 on the right note, consider the many solutions provided by voluntary insurance policies – solutions that can make the new year better not only for businesses, but for employees too.

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