Prepare for self-funded reporting requirements

February 2014

Under the Affordable Care Act, employers who self-fund their employee health care are required to submit informational reporting about minimum essential coverage to the Internal Revenue Service, beginning January 2016.

To make it easier for your businesses to comply with this requirement, we’ve answered common questions here:

  • Who is required to submit information reporting of minimum essential coverage?
  • What does the report include?
  • What is the deadline?
  • How do I submit the report?
  • Can a third-party organization file the report?
  • Is there a penalty for not filing the report?
  • Where can I learn more?

Internal Revenue Bulletin
The Federal Register

To learn more about reporting requirements, read W-2 reporting of employer-sponsored health care, Information Reporting of Employer-Sponsored Health Care or visit Aflac Healthcare Reform Informational Section.

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