Preparing for change: Direction from Teresa White

December 2013

The monumental change — and opportunity — presented by the Affordable Care Act was a recurring theme at the 2013 Workplace Benefits Summit.  And, with good reason: Decisions employers make about ACA in upcoming months are crucial.

Teresa White, Aflac’s executive vice president and chief operating officer, spoke to small business owners in New Orleans for the Summit, sharing tips for understanding and embracing the changes ACA will bring.

Kicking things off, White explained that the decisions made now, and the actions to implement, educate and communicate all of the changes will have a long- lasting impact on all businesses.

White emphasized that 65 percent of workers, according to the 2013 Aflac WorkForces Report, said their employer only communicates about benefits at open enrollment or new hire enrollment.

White discussed how critical it is for employers to help employees throughout the year to understand and appreciate what is offered in their benefits programs. She suggested that employers take a cue from the four Ps of marketing: the right product, at the right price, in the right place with the right amount of promotion.

Click here to read more about Teresa’s presentation and the changes businesses may experience as a result of health care reform.

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