Healthy & happy employees

December 2013

The secret to a competitive advantage?

Healthy & Happy Employees


Creating a worksite wellness program is a great step toward encouraging healthy habits with employees.

The benefits don’t stop there though: Studies reveal correlations between worksite wellness programs and performance!

But, what’s the best part about wellness?

It can be scaled: From gym memberships to health-oriented email tips to on-site fitness facilities and personal health coaching, programs can be successful with any level of resources.

We know what you many be thinking: How much is this going to cost my business?

Some businesses claim cost is the only barrier to creating a wellness program, but others tout reduction in health costs as a top reason to create and sustain a successful program.

Those businesses with wellness programs? They’re not alone.

Nearly half of the nation’s companies (44%) boast company-sponsored wellness programs, a 14 percent increase from just two years ago1.

Need help getting started?

Think about company culture and consider what your focus should be.

Ideas to get you started:

  • Tobacco-free incentives
  • Cancer prevention screenings and education
  • Health plans with incentives for regular wellness visits
  • Free or low-cost healthy vending-machine and cafeteria choices
  • Business or departmental health challenge with enticing incentives, such as vacation getaways, additional paid leave or free groceries
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1 2013 Aflac WorkForces Report, conducted by Research Now in January 2013, captured responses from 1,884 benefits decision-makers and 5,299 employees across the United States.
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