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Health and Recovery

Here’s looking at you, kid

April 2014

With so many options, find the vision plan that is right for your employees. Read More >

Early detection can mean prevention

March 2014

Protect the well-being of your employees by promoting annual breast cancer screenings. Read More >

Safety doesn’t happen by accident

February 2014

28 years old, athletic, and outdoorsy, Stephanie felt invincible. She’d just started a new job as a physical therapist, and had the option of applying for an Aflac insurance policy, but thought, "What could happen that I would need Aflac accident insurance or Aflac short term disability insurance?" Read More >

Redefining value

December 2013

Planning for life is never a perfect process. But whenever life throws you a curveball, all that planning pays off if you’re protected. Read More >

Accident insurance provides the policyholder with cash benefits for expenses such as treatment, ambulance, and hospital confinement

Learn More >

You may not be able to predict the future, but you sure can plan for it

December 2013

Dean and Norma Beguhl were thinking about their future when they applied for an Aflac policy but they never imagined that Dean would undergo treatment for prostate cancer within a year or that Norma would contract an incurable form of cancer 10 years later. Read More >