Beat tooth decay with supplemental dental insurance

April 2014

Let’s face it: Kids are cute, but they’re not big on personal hygiene. In fact, if left to their own devices, most children would skip bath time for more play time.

Getting kids to brush their teeth is no easy task either. And although tooth decay rates have decreased over the last 40 years, tooth decay in preschool-age children has increased.1

According to the National Institutes of Health, tooth decay is the most chronic disease in children, despite the fact that it’s almost entirely preventable.

Regular dental checkups are important and children should see a dentist twice a year, starting after a baby’s first tooth comes in. To help pay for visits, many parents apply for voluntary dental insurance. These policies fit most budgets and can provide great value. Depending on the policy, benefits may include cleanings, cavity fillings, checkups and more.

Wise parents are vigilant about encouraging their kids to brush their teeth, and having the right insurance in place will cover the all-important dental exams.

Check out these ideas on how to make tooth-brushing time more fun.

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National Institutes of Health, “Children’s Dental Health,” accessed Nov. 26, 2013
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