Easy money saving tips

February 2014

Cutting back on costs this year?

Many people tighten their belts by eliminating items they want but don’t necessarily need.

Intangible things, like voluntary insurance may not be as high a priority as car payments or groceries, but without the right insurance protection, many families find themselves in financial hot water after an unforeseen accident or illness.

Fortunately, voluntary policies come in all shapes and sizes, and applicants can choose the amount and type of coverage that best meets their needs.

If money is a concern, odds are that a close look at spending habits will reveal they can afford coverage and enjoy life too.

1. A night at the movies is fun, but many families head to their local theaters every time a new, child-appropriate film comes to town. Over the summer, Americans purchased 585 million movie tickets at an average of $7.84 each.1 Add in popcorn, candy and sodas for a family of four and the tab for a single film can easily top $50.

Money saving tip: Wait for some of the less-buzzed-about films to become available for home viewing to save on ticket prices and treats.

2. The United States is a nation of coffee drinkers. In October, a pound of coffee cost an average of $5.15,2 while the tab for a large – or venti – caffé latte at Starbucks was $3.953 That means Americans who swing by Starbucks for a cup o’ Joe each day before work shell out a whopping $79 in four weeks.

Money saving tip: Cut back on morning lattes to three times per week and you could save nearly $32 monthly.

3. Many workers prefer to break up the day with a restaurant meal. According to a Visa survey, the average employee eats out twice per week and spends an average of $10 each time, or $936 annually.4 Remember, though: That’s the average. Some people go out to lunch more frequently and spend more per meal.

Money saving tip: Save hundreds of dollars yearly by reducing lunchtime excursions.

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