Five tips for a healthy holiday

December 2013

Everyone looks forward to the holidays: Baking cookies, trimming the tree, wrapping presents, catching up with friends and family, and hopefully taking a break from work.

Can you believe with all the joy in the air, heart attacks increase1 during the holiday season?

Help your employees and their loved ones enjoy a happy and healthy holiday this season by sharing these tips:

  • Volunteer – Begin a tradition of helping those who are less fortunate and do something good for your heart
  • Exercise – Stay active, but don’t overexert yourself.  Discover an activity you enjoy or enroll in a team sports program or a daily yoga class to stay fit.
  • De-Stress – The hustle and bustle of the holidays can be stressful.  Schedule some “down time” each day to relax, whether it’s taking a brisk walk or listening to calming holiday music carols.
  • Indulge a Bit – Everything in moderation: Enjoy the culinary perks of the holidays but be careful to not overindulge. Try eating four to six smaller meals throughout the day, and don’t “hurry” your meals. Take time to enjoy those special, delicious holiday treats.
  • Listen – Don’t ignore health symptoms that could suggest a heart attack such as chest pain, shortness of breath or fatigue.  Listen to your body, and consult with your doctor if you think underlying issues could be causing a health problem.
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