Hot tips to escape the dangers of winter

March 2014

On bright summer days, office workers often envy people whose jobs allow them to escape the confines of the cubicle. But during this time of year, when Old Man Winter has his chilly grip on much of the nation, working outdoors loses its luster.

Construction workers, truck drivers, telephone and cable repair and road workers … the list of people who work outside is long and varied. Not only do they need to worry about catching a cold or the flu, they must guard against frostbite, hypothermia, icy conditions and wind chills.

Caring employers should pay special attention to these winter-weather warriors by ensuring their safety.

Here are five ways to help protect your workers and your business:

  1. Encourage employees to dress appropriately for chilly conditions and wear multiple layers
  2. Highlight symptoms of hypothermia and frostbite. Remind employees to stop working and immediately seek medical attention if symptoms set in
  3. Provide outdoor workers with company phones or encourage them to carry their personal mobile devices so they can call for help if they need medical assistance or they’re stranded by snow or ice
  4. If possible, schedule outdoor work for the warmest hours of the day and remind workers to take periodic breaks in dry shelters
  5. Encourage employees to equip their personal vehicles with blankets, cold-weather gear, and emergency kits
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