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Health and Recovery

Making recovery realistic

April 2014

Accident insurance can help keep your finances safe when you can’t work Read More >

Real Cost Calculator

March 2014

Uncover the real cost of an illness or injury Read More >

Baby, it’s cold outside

February 2014

5 tips for staying warm when the weather outside is frightful Read More >

Safety doesn’t happen by accident

February 2014

28 years old, athletic, and outdoorsy, Stephanie felt invincible. She’d just started a new job as a physical therapist, and had the option of applying for an Aflac insurance policy, but thought, "What could happen that I would need Aflac accident insurance or Aflac short term disability insurance?" Read More >

Cut costs without cutting fun

January 2014

Eating better and exercising more may top New Year’s resolution lists, but getting financially fit is just as important. Read More >

Redefining value

December 2013

Planning for life is never a perfect process. But whenever life throws you a curveball, all that planning pays off if you’re protected. Read More >